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“Big Chix Wings is giving Boulder, CO the crispiest of chicken wings on the go. Plus tacos, quesadillas and burgers, too. This is a food truck we’re talking about, after all, and Big Chix Wings has a full bodied menu built to satisfy.

At Big Chix Wings, they’re making everything to order for your enjoyment. This includes those big ol’ chix wings, fryin’ up jumbo sized portions and smothering ’em in your choice of sauce; they’ve got the spiciest hot and the creamiest garlic parmesan to tantalize your tastebuds. But that’s not all. Big Chix Wings also has authentic Mexican food on board, from street tacos cradled in homemade corn tortillas with diced onions and cilantro to the cheesiest of quesadillas and big ol’ tortas. Hungry? Good. Find Big Chix Wings to get your fix, or have ’em out to cater your next event. They aim to please, and hit the mark every time.”

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